I think gift baskets are a huge asset in retaining our customers.  It is a step above what anyone else does.  The customers are surprised they received it, and I think it keeps us in their minds for the next job.
Gerard LaMothe
Superior Painting
Our company, like many others, is always looking for a way to build our customer service by thanking our clients for their business. Tyler’s Gift Baskets has helped us exceed the expectations of our customers. They really go the extra mile to make sure that our company baskets are impressive and make a lasting impression on our customers.
Dan Schapper
Glass Pro Shop, Inc.
Thank you so much for the beautiful basket for my client. I have used other companies in the past, but by far, your gift baskets were the best!
Randy Pelham
Pelham & Andrews
Being a self- proclaimed skeptic of the quality of gift baskets (“pretty on the outside-disappointing on the inside”), I was very surprised at what I discovered about Tyler’s Gift Baskets when I received one. Every item in the basket was excellent! I made sure to sample each item and could not have been more pleased. I have a completely different “gift basket” attitude now.
Dan W. Holloway, CPA
Sanders, Sanders & Holloway, PA
Last Christmas, we decided to give customer gift baskets that would make a lasting impression and not the usual large-production baskets full of filler.  Since working with locally-owned companies is important to us, we chose Tyler's Gift Baskets and we are very glad we did.  Not only were the baskets carefully crafted and beautiful, but they were filled with enticing treats for almost every taste.  Since Tyler's Gift Baskets combined our company cups, pens, pads, and custom chocolates, each basket was guaranteed to remind our customers about us, while at the same time showing our appreciation for them.  We highly recommend Tyler's Gift Baskets and will choose to work with them again each year.  
Shann Davis
Service Plus Office Machines, Inc.
Farmers and Merchants Bank highly recommends Tyler ’s Gift Baskets. Lori takes the time to learn what is important to you and your company and then to communicate that message to your customers with her unique, personalized gift baskets. She is flexible, creative, and easy to work with.  We especially appreciate that she will work in your specialty logo-ed items. We have been very happy with her gift baskets and her delivery service”.
Sam Lester
Farmers and Merchants Bank
This creative gift is a reflection of our company that allows us to express our appreciation to our customers. Through Tyler ’s Gift Baskets, the image of our company can be positively transmitted even after our job has been completed.  And the impact has been great!  We receive calls and thank-you notes weekly from customers who were impressed and delighted to have received a personal gift of gratitude for their business.  Lori’s prompt and professional service is a credit not only for Tyler’s Gift Baskets, but also for us.”
Dale Tadlock Roofing, Inc.
We selected Lori’s company based on a referral and asked her to design and assemble over 100 Holiday gift baskets.  She has a unique way of personalizing the baskets, yet was still able to fit in some of our company logo items such as coffee cups, pens and visors.  In less than a week, she assembled over 100 baskets.  The quality was great and our clients were delighted with the gift. We highly recommend her services.
P.S. Huddleston
Culpepper Construction Company
Lori Tyler with Tyler's Gift basket is the only person I use for those special occasions.  Superior Bank often gives baskets for different community gifts, customers and the like.  Lori makes it virtually effortless all I have to do is give her the amount I want to spend and to whom it goes, and it is delivered the same day.  I have also used her for personal occasions as well and it is always the perfect gift. My days are always full of different functions and sometimes I do not have enough hours in the day to do everything. Lori makes it easy for me to give gifts. With her expertise and Superior Customer service - I never have to worry when I send a Tyler's gift basket.
Lanisha Wetherington 
Superior Bank